phoneWhat is a QRcode?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are embedded with information. They have the ability to store complex information within a small matrix. This information may include alphanumeric text or website links. The website link may be programmed to direct the user to a site that contains information about the subject in question. This is known as “mobile tagging”. Mobile tagging is a process used by Scannable Media which allows quick, precise access to information by the customer via the internet.

Any mobile camera phone that has a QR reader can read a QR Code. QR decoding software is freely available for most mobile phones with cameras. Once the software is loaded on the phone, the user points the camera toward the code to scan it. The QR software either interprets the alphanumeric text embedded within the code or displays a web page link and asks the user permission to launch a browser to display the specific web page.

QR codes are very popular in Japan and are increasing in popularity in the United States, Europe, and Canada as mobile phone access to 3G networks increases.

These codes are found on product labels, billboards, buildings, and business cards…


questionWhat makes ScannableMedia different?

 ScannableMedia has developed a process that gives our customers the ability to reuse the same QR Code over and over again. This feature allows the QR Code to point to different information as needed. Each of the QR Codes we provide is serialized and with the use of our web-based management tools, these changes are easily made. This services helps to decrease costs associated with printing and advertising.

Some ways in which our customers are able to utilize serialized QR Codes include store-front advertising. The customer can place a sign with the QR Code at the front of the store, such as at the front window that customers see when arriving at the store. This sign will direct the customers to a web page which promotes a different sale or coupon which can be updated weekly, renewing customer interest.

Real estate agents also benefit from serialized QR codes. The agent can create one reusable sign to direct prospective buyers to a property listing.  Once that property sells, the same sign can be moved to a different property. A new sign with a different QR Code will not have to be reprinted, saving costs associated with the production of the sign. The QR Code which is placed on sign advertising can also be used to point to Realtor information such as contact information or generate a prompt to send an email or place a phone call.

As you can see the possibilities for our QR Codes are limitless, helping to eliminate the need to reprint advertising materials and increase profitability in their use.