Instagram Retreats Back to Old Policies. Will this regain the users trust?

Watch Out Facebook? Google+ Claims 135 Million Active Users

  Google+ features 135 million users active in its stream, Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra claimed in a Dec. 6 corporate blog posting. While that number (if accurate) lags well behind Facebook, which boasts a billion subscribers, it’s a sign that Google’s social network is not, contrary to rumor, a ghost town. slashdot (

Facebook hammered as earnings fuel doubts.

Facebook hammered as earnings fuel doubts (via AFP) Facebook shares took a beating Friday after uninspiring earnings in the first results since the much-hyped public offering of the world’s biggest social network. Facebook shares plunged 11.7 percent to end at $23.70 and are down more than 35 percent from the offering price in May of ...