Open Mic+ brings Moto X ‘always listening’ mode to Jelly Bean users

Lately we’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about these ‘always listening’ features that Google Glass and the Moto X offer. Being able to have the microphone always on to[...] via Android Community

Google Play Books updated with textbook rentals just in time for school

Purchase or rent textbooks for a fraction of the paperback cost. About a month before most college kids get ready to start making book purchases and head into class, Google has flipped the switch on digital textbook rentals in Google Play. Announced back in July alongside Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7, rental textbooks ...

Voice-controlled Home Automation with Android (Tasker, AutoVoice, and more…)” on YouTube

This is an example of that can be done using an android phone and about 300 dollars of hardware.